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Lineup improvements for each sport

Hi friends,

we are continuing in implementing your suggestions to the game. Today I would like to report several user friendly improvements regarding the lineup. One for each sport and each one is different. All of these are suggestions from you, the managers. There is also one minor tweak in the basketball engine.


You can now delete the whole lineup with one click of a button. The button is located in Game/Lines/Line-up below Line 4. This may come in handy when you want to start creating lineup from scratch.


Good news for those who like to set up a large number of substitution scenarios. If you create, open, save or duplicate a substitution the page will scroll automatically to that substitution so that you don't have to look for it yourself. Also if you click to duplicate a substitution, it will be opened automatically, ready for editing.


Setting the lineup can be quite demanding if you want to have 4 different formations for offense and 4 for defense. But now you can save time by copying any of the formations into another one and then you can just make a few minor changes and your work is done.


If for any reason there is no first substitute for a position at the beginning of a game, the second substitute will automatically be used as the first substitute and all the settings saved for the first substitute will apply. This is particularly useful when your first substitute gets injured or sold and you don't update your lineup.

There is also a minor update of the game engine. We have increased the likelihood of blocks in the game, especially for close range shots. Long term stats show that there weren't enough blocks in the game. There will be about 30% more blocks per game under the current settings which also means higher numbers for players in this category.

Future plans

Some of you have asked if we are preparing anything new for the PRO packs and the answer is yes. There are a couple of features in our plans for the near future which you might find useful. We will keep you posted.

That's all for now, have a nice day!

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