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This page shows the overview of your injured and day-to-day players. The day-to-day players are such who have less than 6 days to full recovery. Players who are day-to-day with injury can play, but the further away from full recovery they are, the poorer their performance in the match. You can set whether your day-to-day players should play matches or not. Warning! This setting only applies to players who get injured in the future. The setting of the currently injured players has to be changed individually for each player.
Default setting of PD2D (Play day-to-day):

Name Age ScP AvQ CL Exp OR DtR Injury PD2D
Slovakia Alexej Lang Days to recovery: 1 (Ribcage bruise) 27 14 2/6 0 141 1 Days Ribcage bruise

Injured players

Name Age ScP AvQ CL Exp OR DtR Injury PD2D
Slovakia Ivan Porhajaš Days to recovery: 6 (Left humerus fracture) 34 48 0/6 0 182 6 Days Left humerus fracture
Slovakia Samuel Kožuch Days to recovery: 7 (Right ankle fracture) 29 16 2/6 0 174 7 Days Right ankle fracture
Slovakia Pravoslav Žukovský Days to recovery: 13 (Upper jaw fracture) 31 71 1/6 1 268 13 Days Upper jaw fracture
Slovakia Ľudomil Figeľ Days to recovery: 14 (Torn posterior cruciate ligament in the left knee) 32 70 0/6 0 205 14 Days Torn posterior cruciate ligament in the left knee