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  World Championship

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World Championship - Finals
ID 106
Tournament start 2020-09-26
Tournament end 2020-10-04
Number of teams 24
Number of teams per group 6
Number of groups 4
Number of teams advancing from each group 4
Total match days (including playoffs) 9

Czech Republic Czech RepublicSlovakia Slovakia
Poland PolandHungary Hungary
Latvia LatviaFrance France
Germany GermanyRomania Romania
Croatia CroatiaBrazil Brazil
Slovenia SloveniaFinland Finland
Argentina ArgentinaSerbia Serbia
Italy ItalyUkraine Ukraine
USA USABulgaria Bulgaria
Switzerland SwitzerlandUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Netherlands NetherlandsDenmark Denmark
Belgium BelgiumEstonia Estonia

Kosovski junaci (20000)
Cp6cka ApeHa (20000)
jazbina (20000)
GM klanac (20000)
Alcoland (20000)
Magic Arena (20000)