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Price in credits: 10

General rules of PowerPlay Manager:

  • are obligatory for all players of the game
  • ignorance of the rules is not an excuse
  • the administrators of the game have the absolute right to decide whether someone is breaking the rules or not
  • the method and the effectiveness of a penalty for breaking the rules is decided by the game administrator
  • the most severe punishment for breaking the rules is the ban of manager account with the ban of the user's IP address
  • all situations, which are not explicitly covered by these rules will be judged and resolved on an individual basis by the administrators
  • in addition to the general rules there are rules for each sport, which must also be observed by each manager
  • in case of any ambiguity or inconsistency in the content or interpretation of the various language versions of these rules, the decisive and valid version is considered the Slovak language version

It is forbidden:

  • to own more than one manager account in the game
  • to give or sell your account to another manager in the game
  • to log into someone else's account or even attempt to do so
  • to give your password to another manager and thus enable him/her to log into your account
  • to make player or staff member deals for excessive prices for any reasons
  • to transfer in-game finances, players, or staff members in any way with the purpose of providing an advantage for a team, carried out by one or more managers
  • to register and play in a country other than your own. In case your country is not included in PowerPlay Manager, you have to register under the rest of the world (Other World)
  • to cheat in any way, to try to gain a password of another user or to try to spoil the game for the other managers in any way
  • to gain advantages in the game in exchange for real money or credits based upon an agreement with another manager
  • to influence the results based on agreement with the manager of the opposing team
  • to abuse any errors or defects in the game or rules
  • to browse pages, create, use or distribute applications, which automatize some parts of the game, unless approved by game creators
  • to try to retrieve data which are not explicitly presented on the pages or to send data in a similar way
  • to try to steal or to sabotage the property of PowerPlay Manager LTD or to encourage anyone else to do so
  • to abuse the option to mark transfers in the game as suspicious (it may be considered as an intentional obstruction of the gamemasters' work)
  • to abuse the option to report posts on the forums, press releases or photos (it may be considered as an intentional obstruction of the moderators' and administrators' work)
  • to advertise private tournaments on flash chat in order to gain more managers
  • to propagate or otherwise advertise other online games (it is possible to give an exception after agreement with support@powerplaymanager.com)
  • to spam discussion forums and chat - for example by posting multiple messages with the same text
  • to post spam on mail - by sending unrequested mails (such as advertising)
  • to send threatening, insulting or degrading messages, e-mails or texts on the game pages, forums, chat or mail
  • to insult, threaten or defame any manager in PowerPlay Manager on the game pages, discussion forums, chat and in mail
  • to publish messages on the pages of the game, discussion forums or in mails which break the law or advertise crimes
  • to encourage other users to do things which are in violation of the rules of the game
  • to highlight a topic using special characters or capital letters in the discussion forums
  • to advertise player or staff member sales or look for opponents for friendly games on forums and flash chat, except in threads specifically created for these purposes
  • to use a language on national forums which is not the designated one (English is allowed)
  • to have a vulgar or otherwise revolting user name, arena name or team name
  • to put texts, pictures or other elements into the game without the permission of the copyright owner
  • to put texts, pictures or other elements into the game the content of which may offend other users
  • to comment on an administrators' decision or ban in the discussion forum (it is possible to discuss them by e-mail or PowerPlay Manager mail with the responsible administrator)
  • to contact other users requesting credits
  • to send mails advertising players or staff members for sale
  • to promote a player or a staff member in the chat of another player
  • to discuss suspicious transfers or suspicions of cheating on forums, chat or player chat (suspicious cases can be reported directly to gamemasters)
  • to promote other websites or products in any way without the approval of the administrators of the game
  • to cheat in any way with the purpose of gaining referrals, including encouraging people with no intention of playing the game to create an account with the purpose of gaining a referral

Special provisions:

  • If a player or a staff member is sold on the market for a price that highly exceeds the regular market price of similar players and staff members, the gamemaster can compensate this by deducting part of the selling price from the account of the seller. This compensation is not considered a punishment and it can be done even if the seller is not responsible for the excessive price. The judgment whether the price is too high is up to an individual decision of the gamemaster.
  • Warning! If there is more than one person playing PowerPlay Manager in one household, they cannot buy or trade their players and/or staff members under any circumstances. This includes people accessing the game from their school or office or people logging in multiple times from the same internet connection. It is also not recommended to play too many friendly games against each other as that may lead to suspicion of multiplaying.
  • If there is more than one person playing PowerPlay Manager in one household, we recommend informing the gamemasters about this fact. This includes people accessing the game from their school or office or people logging in multiple times from the same internet connection. Otherwise the gamemasters may evaluate the situation as playing on multiple accounts.
  • If a manager does not log into his team in one of the sports for a period longer than 21 days, his/her team in that sport will be forfeit.
  • If the team finances drop into red numbers for a period longer than 21 days, the manager's team will be revoked.
  • If the number of players of a team drops under the minimum required for the sport for a period longer than 21 days, the manager's team will be revoked.
  • If a manager finds an error in the game, he/she is obligated to report it to the game administrators.
  • Signing up for any meeting of managers is considered as binding. Signing up for meetings that the manager does not plan to attend is considered as a violation of rules.

Account sitter:

  • If a user and his/her sitter play PowerPlay Manager from the same internet connection (for example same household, school or work) they cannot buy players or staff members from one another.
  • The user bears full responsibility for the actions of his/her sitter. Any damage caused by the sitter will not be compensated.
  • Assigning a user as a sitter multiple times against his/her will is forbidden.