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Price in credits: 10
Has it ever happened to you that your player was not sold because he got lost in the sea of all the players on the market? Have you ever organized a tournament and failed to fill it up with teams? With the advertising system you can minimize the chances of something like this. How does it work? Choose what you want to advertise below and you will find out how to do it.

Hints and information

Select the element you want to advertise and learn more

I want to advertise a player   -   I want to advertise a staff member   -   I want to advertise a tournament

I want to advertise a team   -   I want to advertise a candidacy

Player advertising

What do I gain by advertising a player?
  • If you are selling the player, the other managers will notice him easily and he won't get lost in the vast number of players on the market
  • You can show off a great player or junior on your team
  • You can draw attention to a new player in the hall of fame
  • You will draw attention to the trophies won by the player
How do I buy player advertising?
Open the profile of the player that you want to advertise and click the Advertise player link on the right hand side. You will be redirected to the page of the advertising system. Select a package that you want to buy based on the time when you want the ad to be displayed.

How much will the advertisement package cost me?
The ads are bought in an auction. This means that the price depends on the number of managers interested in the given package. Some hours are more attractive for the managers and these are also generally more expensive. Some hour packages, on the other hand, might be bought for the starting price. You can scroll to the later hours in the list of available hour packages and bid on them as well. Bear in mind, however, that the packages have the most bidders always shortly before the deadline.

How does the auction work?
After selecting the package you want, you can send your bid. As long as your bid is the highest, it is displayed in green color. It is recommended to refresh the page often, especially shortly before the deadline to ensure that your bid is still the highest. If someone outbids you, your bid will turn to blue color. In that case you have the option to send a new bid, of course. The minimum increase of the bid is 1 credit or 10%. If you want to increase the bid by more than 10%, you can change your settings above the list of packages. Especially when buying a package that has a deadline at a time when you know you are not going to be online, it might be a good idea to increase the bid by a bigger margin. You can send a bid even if the highest bid is yours. If someone sends a bid with less than a minute before the deadline, the deadline is moved by another minute.

What is the best hour for advertising?
Managers who have been selling players and advertised them say that it is most effective to advertise in the hours just before or at the time of the bidding deadline for the player. Some hours are more effective in terms of number of hits. Usually those when the number of people online is at its peak. You can find more information on the Statistics page.

How will my ad be displayed?
The advertising positions are located on spaces which are very well visible for the managers. The advertising spaces for PRO pack users and regular users differ. On top of that you will get bonus impressions, which are not counted into the basic package of impressions, on an attractive position on the player market.

How do I find out the number of hits the ad has generated?
After your package has been depleted, you receive team news with information about the number of hits brought by the ad. This way you can easily evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Does this advertising system really work?
Based on long term statistics it is obvious that there is a noticeably bigger interest in players promoted by the advertising system than in other players on the market.

What are the bonus impressions?
Bonus impressions are impressions of your ad on an attractive position on the player market where the ad is displayed to those managers who are interested in buying a player. This greatly increases the chances that your player will catch someone's eye. During one hour all the players which are advertised during that hour are rotating on this position. If no one else buys an ad for a player during the same hour, your player will be displayed on this position exclusively.