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  Player stats: Czech Republic

Season:  Type:


Czech Republic Metoděj Hasoň 1370118111262.533522300161
Czech Republic Vladimír Ledašil 1351348512441.1003700130
Czech Republic Josef Hazuka 1251298011145.9002600330
Czech Republic Roman Řeháček 134138799941.4003500100
Czech Republic Aleš Husár 133512474577.8003800990
Czech Republic Jindřich Bárta 122917465949.2004000270
Czech Republic Richard Letocha 12101111662.500086240
Czech Republic Jaroslav Chrudimský 13100101376.90001010360
Czech Republic Jaromír Padevět 126066100.00001019690
Czech Republic Filip Zápotocký 13538771.4000139440
Czech Republic Ludovít Fait 125275100.000039240
Czech Republic Zdeněk Javný 13527862.5000105210
Czech Republic Libor Šabach 1516955.600300000
Czech Republic Bartoloměj Tkáč 1415580.000200000
Czech Republic Vilém Laštůvka 12022100.000020120
Czech Republic Ivo Pelnář 130121200.000000000
Czech Republic Pavel Preis 1202200.000000000
Czech Republic Vít Pelouch 101100.000000000
Czech Republic Marek Vohnický 100000.000013110
Czech Republic Ladislav Adamík 100000.000000000


Name MPSVSAGASv%7mSv7mSA7mGA7m%
Czech Republic Ivo Pelnář 1312732720038.85322716
Czech Republic Pavel Preis 128024716732.4115147
Czech Republic Vít Pelouch 18221436.40110