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Reminders and stand customization

Hi friends,

today we have another two improvements for you convenience. Like last week, we have improved one of the features of the PLUS pack and created a brand new PRO pack feature. Of course, the price of the PRO pack remains the same even after the addition of two new features in the last few days.

But let me begin with the improved PLUS pack feature which is the stand customization. Until now, this feature was quite difficult to use and the inscriptions on the stands in your arena or stadium did not look good if you had small stands in the upper and lower sectors. But now all that is changed. The selection and application of colors to each sector is much easier and more user friendly. Just pick a color and then apply it to any sector by clicking it. It's really easy now.

Moreover, inscriptions on the stands are now automatically centered so you don't need to put spaces at the beginning to have the inscription in the center. What's maybe even more important is that the size of the inscription is automatically changed according to the size of the smallest stand in the upper or lower sectors respectively. For example, if you have a small stand in sector H, A or B, the upper inscription will automatically adjust to fit into the small size sectors. Until now you would only see the bottom part of your text on a small stand. The same applies to sectors D, E and F and the bottom inscription. If you upgrade to a bigger stand, the inscription will automatically increase in size without any further fees for the best possible visual experience. This auto-adjustment does not apply to inscriptions saved in the old system. You can customize your arena or stadium by clicking the Customize stands button on the Arena or Stadium page.

Have you ever forgotten to send players to the camp or to bid on a player which you noticed on the market a few days ago? With the new PRO pack feature called Reminder this will never happen to you again. Just go to your calendar, pick a day and hour when you want to be reminded of something and type the text of the reminder. You will get team news with the text that you typed at the time and day that you have picked. You can have 1 reminder for each day, but you have to set it at least 1 day in advance. The reminders can be edited or deleted if you change your mind.

The first handball season is slowly but surely drawing to a close. The best teams from each league are battling for the league title in the finals. Soon the first champions will be crowned. At the end of this season, there will be league regrouping in all countries except for the following: Belarus, Iran, Netherlands, USA, Venezuela. In all the other countries the teams in bottom two league levels will be regrouped and the inactive teams will be eliminated.

Have a nice day!

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