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Hall of Fame improvements and other news

Hi friends,

I have several good news for you today. First of all, we have a new feature in the hall of fame that will allow you to update the statistics of a player in the hall of fame. As you know, when you induct a player into the hall of fame, his statistics do not change in his exhibit. If you wanted to update the player's stats, you had to expel him from the hall and then re-induct him. But that is no longer necessary. You can now update the statistics for a fee of 1 credit. We have also improved the way statistics are displayed in the player exhibit. Now you can see the player's stats which he achieved while playing for the team that inducted him and in another column you can see his total stats from all club teams.

We have also added some new options to the Detailed stats tab in the player's exhibit. You can select total stats from all seasons and you can choose whether you want to view stats only for the team that inducted him or all his stats from all teams.

When you update the stats of a player, his milestones, attributes and trophies are also updated.

The notepad which we launched a couple of weeks ago was also added to the Players -> Scouts -> Notepad page. You can add, edit or remove notes there as well if the space on the left hand side of the page is too small for your liking.

In hockey we added chemistry gaining of players in practice. Like we have in soccer and handball, the players can now gain chemistry in practice up to a certain level. This comes in handy especially when you have to replace an injured player with someone who doesn't play too many games.

We have also added a couple of new features to credit tournaments in hockey which were already present in soccer and handball. The option to create a round robin tournament without playoffs and an option to decide whether you want a 2nd leg in the group stage or not. Until now every tournament in hockey had a two-legged group stage (each team playing all other teams in the group twice).

That's all, have a nice day!

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