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New feature in development

Dear friends,

today I would like to tell you about a new feature which we are preparing for basketball and the other sports as well. It will be the possibility to draft new young players instead of just pulling them from your academy. We know that the sports academy is a source of many emotions. Both positive and negative. With this new feature, we hope to eliminate most of the negative emotions and give you the chance to influence your own luck in a fun and exciting way. I will now explain the details of this new feature and we would like you to share your opinion about it in the discussion below. If you think it has some weak points, let us know and maybe we can remove them while there is still time.

  • A draft will take place every 4th week of the season (week 4, 8, 12 and 16)
  • In all the other weeks there will be a regular pulls from the academy as you know them
  • One week before every draft a pool of draft eligible players will be generated for each league
  • The number of players generated for each league will depend on the number of total picks of all the teams in that league
  • The number of picks that a team has in the draft will depend on the level of sports academy and sporting directors (minimum 1 pick, maximum will vary by sport)
  • A draft order will be determined one week before the draft
  • There will be 2 types of draft
    • In the first type, the team with the best academy/staff will have the best chance to pick first
      • This type will take place in weeks 4 and 12
      • The teams will be ordered by the level of academy/staff and a lottery will randomize the order
      • No team can move up or down by more than 3 positions in the lottery
    • In the second type, the team ranked last in the league will have the best chance to pick first
      • This type will take place in weeks 8 and 16
      • The teams will be ordered in reverse order according to league standings and a lottery will randomize the order
      • No team can move up or down by more than 3 positions in the lottery
  • The draft order reverses every other round in the draft - the team that picks first in the first round picks last in the second round
  • The players in the draft will only show their name, height (or preferred side) and career longevity in the beginning
  • Every day you will be able to scout a certain number of players in the draft pool (this scouting will be independent from the regular scouting)
  • The number of players that you will be able to scout every day will be equal to the number of your picks in the draft
  • You will be able to scout one extra player every day for a fee in game money
  • You get the results from the scouts on the following day where they reveal the estimated potential of the player (A, B, C or D) and his position
  • The draft will take place online at a time which is suitable for that country
  • Every manager will have 1 minute to pick a player when it's their turn
  • PRO pack owners will have the option to edit the pre-draft ranking of draft eligible players
  • If a manager is not online during the draft, or doesn't make a pick within the time limit, the system picks the player who is highest in the pre-draft ranking of that manager
  • The attributes of the players will be generated after the draft according to the facilities/staff of the teams that drafted them
  • The drafted players will be shown in the academy the same way as when you view new players in the academy
  • You will be able to either sign them or reject them like regular players from the academy

Does it seem complicated? It may look that way on paper, but I think once everything is done it will feel pretty natural and intuitive. The whole idea is to scout as many players as you can and then pick the right ones when it's your turn to pick. The draft is designed to reward those who build up their academy and also to give the backmarkers a chance to catch up with the big boys.

Let us know what you think about it.

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