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PLUS pack features for free!

Hi friends,

as we promised in the previous news, we have made several features of the PLUS pack available for free for everyone. A couple of these features are draft related and I am sure you will appreciate that. We have decided to give up a part of the game's revenues in favor of your higher satisfaction. The two features I am talking about are the options to order draft players by career longevity and potential. These two features will allow non-PRO users to draft quality players even if they cannot be online during the draft. We believe that this is the right decision for the future of the game.

But that's not all. There are three more features which are now available for free:

  • option to add pennant/puck to most precious ones
  • option to search suitable opponents to enlarge world collection
  • option to search suitable opponents to enlarge collector's gallery

And there's still more. We have made scouting of draft players more user friendly based on your suggestions. Now you can add players to scouting or scout players instantly without the need for refreshing the page after every player. This should reduce the time needed for you to scout the players.

News from soccer

In soccer we are approaching season 15. As usual, there will be league regrouping in the bottom two leagues in order to remove dead teams and increase competitiveness. The league regrouping will be done in all countries except the following ones:

China, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Montenegro, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia

If you happen to be moved to a different league and you have chosen a sponsorship contract with bonuses, you don't have to worry. You will get the option to switch to a normal contract without bonuses or change your target position during the first 2 days of the new season.

News from basketball

In basketball we have implemented yet another one of your suggestions. The feature that copies lineup from a previous game has been updated. Until recently, if you used this feature, it reset your substitution settings back to default. That's no longer the case and the substitution settings will remain as they are. That means you won't have to set them up again after using this copy lineup feature.

More to come

There are still many more updates to come in the near future. Very soon we will release another update which will make some more PLUS features available for free. And there are of course more of your suggestions in the queue waiting to be implemented. Stay tuned!

Have a nice day!

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