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Basketball development news

Dear friends,

you will be glad to hear that we have made some really good progress in the development of basketball in recent weeks. Let me update you on what we have done so far.

The theoretical background for basketball is virtually finished and we have made a lot of progress also with the programming. A large part of the code is already done. There is still some work to do, but we are getting closer every day. The texts are 95% completed and the translators are already working on the translations. Graphics are approximately 50% done.

I would also like to use this opportunity to tell you about some new features and changes that you can look forward to in basketball. Probably the most important change is that the season will last 70 days as opposed to 112. That means roughly 5 seasons every year and much more dynamic gameplay. You will be able to play up to 3 games per day and there will be a league game almost every day.

Every league will be divided into 2 divisions of 8 teams. The top 4 teams from each division will make the playoffs, while the rest will play in the relegation group. There will be 4 games between teams from the same division and 2 games between teams from different divisions in the regular season. The playoffs will consist of three rounds of best-of-five series.

One of the player characteristics will be their height. Players will come out of the academy with a certain height and then they will grow until a certain point when they stop growing. Height will be an important factor in the game engine and it will also determine which position a player will be suited for.

Another new feature will be the option to set ticket prices. This will allow you to maximize your income from ticket sales. We will consider adding this feature to other sports as well.

I am sure the question you are asking is when will basketball be launched. We don't like to give precise dates because there are so many unexpected things that can happen, but we believe that we can launch beta version within 2 months. So hopefully in late June or early July we will all be managing our own basketball team.

Have a nice day!

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